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Your Information

Our one stop ‘Your Information’ allows our clients to securely review all their financial matters any time, anywhere. It’s available on-line anytime and is updated overnight with the previous days closing market prices.

‘Your Information’ provides the ability to view the latest position on investments and to store all financial information and related documents securely in one place with instant access. It makes life a lot easier. It doesn’t replace our personal service; we will always be a phone call away.

My Investments

My Investments BA Fleming

Your investments, valued at the latest available closing prices, searchable by sector, product and account type.

My Income

My Income Ba Fleming

Find out and track your monthly and annual income, and review by asset or product type.

My Filing Cabinet

My Filing Cabinet BA Fleming

Conveniently and securely store in one place and access all your financial information and related documents.

My Transactions

My Transactions BA Fleming

View all your historic transactions and keep in touch on the progress of all your current transactions.

My Downloads

My Downloads Ba Fleming

Download all your financial information in order to store and manipulate it on your personal PC or iPad.

My Alerts

My Alerts Ba Fleming

Enhanced monitoring of your portfolio. On-line or e-mail alerts of the targets you set for portfolio or price movements.