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Why Barry Fleming & Partners?

We make it easy and risk free for you to explore if Barry Fleming & Partners are the right financial planning firm for you. We have a strong financial planning team with a broad scope of personalitlies, expertise and experience. The initial consultation is at our expense. Meetings when and where convenient for you.  That gives you the opportunity to understand the the holistic approach we take and to ask questions.


Below, we give the BF&P answers to the questions a client should ask not just us, but any potential adviser.


Are your planners highly qualified?
Yes, to the highest level – Chartered and Certified Financial Planners.

What about fees?
We are fee-based which has two material benefits for our clients – our fees are transparent and affordable and we avoid conflicts of interest. Our clients’ interests are our only interests.

Have your clients avoided risks?
Yes, we are proud of having a sophisticated view on risk that has meant our clients have avoided the obvious pitfalls.

Can you point to satisfied clients?
Yes, the majority of our new clients have come from referrals from existing ones.

Do you make it easy for me to control my finances?
Yes, we have a strong administrative back office and a ‘one stop’ on-line resource so you can instantly access all your financial information.

Will I have a strong understanding of the implications of my financial decisions?
Yes, we take the time to explain things in clear language.

Will you be available for me to talk to once any initial set up has been completed?
Yes, we provide a personal, ongoing service, not just a ‘one-off’ sell.

What about continuity – what happens if my adviser leaves the business?
We work collaboratively which means that more than one planner works on each case. It also means that our clients can benefit at all times from having ready access to our team of financial planners.