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focusOne definition of Planning is ‘The process of deciding in detail how to do something before you actually start doing it!’ Not just a very sensible idea, but also an essential element within all Financial Planning.

Successful planning should be structured and must incorporate periodic reviews of your plans – it is essentially a cyclical process. Things change – employment, salaries, retirement, investment markets, tax regulations, family situations. And our risk profile will alter as the years inexorably pass. Those elements do not stand still and we need to check regularly that our current objectives are being met within the context of prevailing circumstances.

See the attached PDF Newsletter for a description of how we approach ‘planning’ of a client’s portfolio.

It may prompt the question … Time for a review? Remember, we are very happy to host meetings with clients, planners, and the support team at our offices if that is more convenient for you than a home visit. We’ve been doing that for over 40 years and it has always been a pleasure for our team to meet our clients face to face.

Barry Fleming & Partners has grown from a tax advisory background into a broader business that encompasses investment management. Both things matter for wealth management, retention and creation. That expertise makes the company strikingly different from others.

This capability allows Barry Fleming and Partners to use its strength in tax advice to take a 360-degree-view of a financial situation to give much broader, more comprehensive advice.

We bring together up to the minute tax, estate, investment and retirement planning advice to create individual, ‘joined up’ financial strategies. This allows our clients to understand and have confidence in how they can best control, retain, and build their assets and income to achieve their objectives with least risk.

A high level of service is key to our long-term client relationships. We work collaboratively. That means our clients can benefit at all times from having ready access to our team of financial planners.

Barry Fleming & Partners are an independent financial advisor specialising in ISA’s, Pensions, Tax, Trusts, Estate Planning, Inheritance Tax Planning (IHT) and other Financial Planning areas. Please don’t hesitate to call on 01488 608 686 and ask to talk to one of our financial advisors. Alternatively use the contact form on our home page.