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focusYou and I know that life is not all plain sailing. But, as far as our financial planning is concerned, if you plan ahead you can maximise your resources for your families and yourselves. We call it Lifetime Financial Planning – and we make the provision of that service available to all our clients. For us, it is fundamental to just about everything we do. So what can you expect?

Lifetime Financial Planning incorporates cashflow modelling and financial forecasting for every year from now until we shuffle off this mortal coil. When we first build the plan, and when we review it with you, we key in or update information and explore What If’s:

  • People – family, and those whom you wish to take into account, including their ages?
  • Personal Circumstances – any changes that are known or possible for the future?
  • Employment – current salaries, and possible changes?
  • Expenditure – your estimated budget for living expenses?
  • Savings – movements both up and down in capital values as well as the income produced?
  • Capital Needs – possibly for education, property purchases, debt repayments?
  • The Markets – allow for future fluctuations in the markets?
  • Windfalls – possibilities such as inheritances are taken into consideration?
  • Retirement – changes in dates and value of pension pots?
  • Taxation – Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Inheritance Tax, current and possible future changes and their effect on all of the above?

All too complex? Too many imponderables? Confusing interaction? Err … No. We collect, collate, and key in all the information and produce year-by-year forecasts as a clear and easy to understand picture. And it is a simple matter to keep the picture up to date as circumstances change. So, if you want …

  • to have more clarity about your financial planning future over your lifetime, and
  • to know if you are in danger of running out of money, or
  • to know if you are being too cautious and if there is more scope to utilise and enjoy some assets or income today, and
  • to know that your financial picture considers all of your assets, not just your portfolio

…then help is just a telephone call away. You need only call us, or email us, to arrange a Lifetime Financial Planning discussion. Knowledge dispels fear – and can create greater confidence and more peace of mind.

We have set out above what is only a brief summary of some points that involve quite complex rules. Always take relevant professional advice before taking, or refraining from taking, any action.

Barry Fleming & Partners has grown from a tax advisory background into a broader business that encompasses investment management. Both things matter for wealth management, retention and creation. That expertise makes the company strikingly different from others.

This capability allows Barry Fleming and Partners to use its strength in tax advice to take a 360-degree-view of a financial situation to give much broader, more comprehensive advice.

We bring together up to the minute tax, estate, investment and retirement planning advice to create individual, ‘joined up’ financial strategies. This allows our clients to understand and have confidence in how they can best control, retain, and build their assets and income to achieve their objectives with least risk.

A high level of service is key to our long-term client relationships. We work collaboratively. That means our clients can benefit at all times from having ready access to our team of financial planners.

Barry Fleming & Partners are an independent financial advisor specialising in ISA’s, Pensions, Tax, Trusts, Estate Planning, Inheritance Tax Planning (IHT) and other Financial Planning areas. Please don’t hesitate to call on 01488 608 686 and ask to talk to one of our financial advisors. Alternatively use the contact form on our home page.