We take the time to listen, to understand, and to tailor individual solutions to client needs.

Barry Fleming & Partners

We bring together up to the minute tax, estate, investment and retirement planning advice to create individual, ‘joined up’ financial strategies. This allows our clients to understand and have confidence in how they can best control, retain, and build their assets and income to achieve their objectives with least risk.

A high level of service is key to our long-term client relationships. We work collaboratively. That means our clients can benefit at all times from having ready access to our team of financial planners.


We are fee-based which has two material benefits for our clients – our fees are transparent and affordable and we avoid conflicts of interest. Our clients’ interests are our only interests.


This approach has been the cornerstone of our 40 years of success in the business of financial planning.


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Barry Fleming
Lisa Chantrey
Paul Edwards
Jill Hart
Jane Fleming
Richard Fleming
Robert Fleming
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